Spinnaker Resorts


Dear Spinnaker Owner,

2023 was an eventful year for us at Spinnaker Resorts as we celebrated our Ruby Anniversary. That’s right! 40 years of glorious operations! As the Anniversary year draws to a close, We look forward to serving you for the next 40 years, continuing the same high standard of service to our owners and guests.

It was 12 months ago that the passing away of our founder, Mr. Ken Taylor, left a huge gap in the hearts and minds of our team. The passion and commitment to the business demonstrated by the next generation of the Taylor family has inspired all Spinnaker team members to continue the mission of service as we go forward together.

On the business front, the two main challenges that we grapple with are inflationary pressures and staffing challenges. Nowhere else in the economy has inflationary pressures been felt the hardest than in the service sector. The team at Southwind Management continues to work tirelessly to deliver the most cost-effective solutions in the industry in serving our owners and guests.

Though you are seeing a higher percentage increase in the Association Fee than in the recent history, rest assured that the team at Southwind Management is doing their best to ensure that the fee increases that are being passed on to owners are only what is absolutely required and no more. We have periodically compared your fee increases to those of our competitors and are happy to report that your fee continues to be competitive and responsibly administered.

One key element of our fee increases this year is to ensure that a responsible amount of the fee is being set aside toward the various reserve funds that allows Spinnaker Resorts to maintain the quality of our properties that our owners have come to expect.

We look forward to continuing to provide smooth sailing vacations in the years to come.


Ash Kumar
Chief Financial Officer
Spinnaker Resorts, Inc.

We at Spinnaker Resorts have only one job to do, and that is to provide you with the best vacation resort experience available today.
Let us know how we can assist your vacation planning. Please call Owner Services at (877) 842-3201, or Email us with your questions.

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During your stay, if you have any concerns, please contact us. Every Spinnaker Resorts staff member is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.


After your stay, please take a minute to share your comments and suggestions by filling out the Comment Card (click here). This helps us understand, based on your feedback, if you were completely satisfied during your vacation. Your specific comments will help ensure that we do everything possible to make your stay at Spinnaker Resorts a pleasant one.

Thank you for helping us provide you with the most enjoyable vacation experience possible.


Alexis Bairstow
Regional General Manager, Eastern Division
Hilton Head SC, Ormond Beach FL,
Williamsburg VA
Scott Wuest
Regional General Manager, Western Division
Branson MO