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Audio & Verification Specialist



The Audio & Verifications Specialist will assist and support the Verification, Sales, and Customer Relations Departments with various tasks and projects to include, but not limited to, all communication, tracking, and reporting related to customers with Pending down payments; resolution of sales related issues or new owner concerns within 60 days of full down date; tracking and reporting on various departmental and other company initiatives, and assisting the Corporate Verification Manager in setting priorities for the Customer Relations Auditors and reviewing written and audio files to ensure the proper generation of any relevant Sales and Verification Training Notifications.


  • Estimated 10-15 Hours Per Week devoted to:
    • Ensure proper communication is made and documented with regards to all PENDER payments, including but not limited to welcome, reminder, and resolution communications, etc. according to the predetermined procedure(s).
    • Daily and weekly reporting of progress/efforts of PENDER payment collection, and all applicable sales related issues.
    • Resolve underlying contractual concerns that have caused any PENDER Down Payment Delinquencies
    • Timely address and resolve Sales Related or other New Owner Issues, typically arising within 60 days of the full down date, as assigned by the Corporate Verification Manager with goal of reaching amicable solution to client concerns (e.g. Late Cancellation requests, Paperwork Errors, Sales Incentive Expectations. etc.)
    • Enter all information into tracking Spreadsheets and /or Database
    • Ensure that all issues have been resolved timely
    • Maintain and create additional logs and spreadsheets as needed
  • Estimated 25-30 hours per week devoted to:
    • Review VO Logs / Contract Notifications daily and assign priorities of audits to all Customer Relations Auditors
    • Responsible for Audio File management (ensuring they are complete, renamed properly, and uploaded to correct folders)
    • Verify and confirm that VO Log notes are posted to SPI/CRMS
    • Listen to audio recordings for all locations in accordance with the established priority list
    • Identify any unmanaged expectations of the purchaser from those recordings
    • Produce reports for management outlining issues and trends identified via audits
    • Review all Sales and Verification Training Notifications for accuracy
    • Perform other related duties as required.


  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to prioritize, work independently and proceed with objectives
  • Ability to effectively deal with people and situations to help guide the Auditor team to success Ability to apply critical analysis to information to properly categorize the information and to identify possible trends
  • Problem Solve and think outside of the box if necessary to reach reasonable resolutions to customer concerns
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office with emphasis on Word, Excel and use of Access (SQL Based Databases).
  • Customer Service experience as well as excellent telephone etiquette.
  • Knowledge of the Vacation Ownership industry, modern and current sales philosophies.


  • Specific Knowledge of Spinnaker Resorts and its product offerings

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