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The Ultimate Guide to Hilton Head Island’s Public Beaches

Welcome to an exciting journey through the breathtaking public beaches of Hilton Head Island. If you’re planning a beach day, this blog is a valuable resource to help you decide which beach is your perfect match. Each of these coastal gems offers something unique to enhance your beach experience.

As you venture to these public beach parks, you’ll discover that each one is well-equipped with essential amenities, such as public restrooms, convenient beach showers, and refreshing water fountains. So, without further ado, let’s hit the beach!

Mitchellville Beach

Let’s kick things off with a visit to one of the most extraordinary and hidden treasures of Hilton Head Island: Mitchellville Beach at Fish Haul Beach Park. This unspoiled paradise is renowned for its exceptional treasure-hunting opportunities. Here, the hunt for shark teeth and seashells is a rewarding adventure, especially during low tide when Mother Nature unveils her stunning rock barriers and captivating oyster rakes. It’s a true natural playground awaiting your exploration.

Folly Field Beach Park

Now, moving along to Folly Field Beach Park, another of Hilton Head Island’s hidden gems. This tranquil beach is celebrated for its shallow waters, calming waves, and enchanting tidal pools that appear during low tide. These tidal pools provide a safe and cool haven for children to explore while you relax and enjoy the serenity of the area. There’s an undeniable local charm at Folly Field Beach, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful and family-friendly beach day or an unforgettable sunrise.

Burkes Beach

Adjacent to Folly Field lies our next beach: Burkes Beach. Much like its neighbor, Burkes Beach offers a family-friendly environment with calm waves and a spacious, sandy shoreline. Parking is conveniently located at Chaplin Community Park, featuring large fields with soccer goals and sheltered picnic tables. For active families seeking a less commercialized beach experience, Burkes Beach is a splendid choice.


Coligny Beach

And now, let’s make our way to most popular beach on the island, Coligny Beach. This dynamic and vibrant public beach boasts a myriad of unique features. Along its iconic walkway, you’ll find numerous swings, beach showers, and a splash pad–perfect for children to frolic in. The beach is a hub of entertainment, with live music and an array of engaging activities. Whether you’re into music or beach games, Coligny Beach offers a truly festive atmosphere.

The distinctive features don’t end here. Across the street, Coligny Plaza invites you into its lively shopping and dining district, teeming with boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Additionally, within arm’s reach, you’ll find Celebration Park, a recent addition offering an open-air venue equipped with a stage for live performances and a playground for kids. This makes it the perfect spot to indulge in live music, festivals, and an array of entertaining events.

We hope this beach guide has provided you with valuable insights into the public beaches of Hilton Head Island and will assist you in deciding where your beach day will unfold.

Thank you for joining us on this beachside journey, and we look forward to seeing you on Hilton Head Island soon. Until next time, stay beachy and soak in the sun!