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Start your day the Williamsburg way … with pancakes!

In Williamsburg, Virginia, a great breakfast starts with pancakes. Since the 1950’s, pancakes have been at the top of the list of Things-to-Do to start your day in the Historic Triangle of Virginia. Pancakes with butter and maple syrup are the standard, but the list of pancakes now includes; buttermilk pancakes, tangy sourdough pancakes or blueberry, chocolate chip, banana, bacon, or apple pancakes along with any combination of these ingredients. Toppings now include; maple syrup, honey, fresh fruit, caramel, peanut butter, Nutella along with any number of flavored syrups. Don’t miss out on this delicious part of the Williamsburg experience.

Here are four places known for pancakes in Williamsburg located on Richmond Roads Pancake Row and are a short 15-minute drive from King’s Creek.

Southern Pancake & Waffle House

Fuel up for the day with a pancake breakfast at the Southern Pancake & Waffle House. It’s one of the top five pancake houses in Williamsburg, Virginia. A family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg and minutes away from Busch Gardens and Water County, serves delicious southern breakfast and lunch entrees every day. They have special pancakes such as Peanut Butter with hot butter pecan syrup and Bacon pancakes! Outside seating is available.


Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes

Rise and shine with a delicious breakfast at Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes. Their website says, “Over 3 Generations – Since 1956, the family-owned and operated Jefferson Restaurant serves mouthwatering specialties.” Try the flavorsome Mama’s Multi-Grain, Blueberry or Silver Dollar Pancakes. If you prefer brunch rather than breakfast, you will leave satisfied. You will also see diners’ line up around the building.

Not Another Pancake House

Start your day off right with a mouth-watering breakfast feast at Not Another Pancake House Diner. We suggest you order the Cinna-Swirl pancakes; they are perfect in flavoring and consistency. According to the Virginia Gazette, “Inside Not Another Pancake House, records, and other relics of the past line the walls. Classic Americana colors cover the walls with bright reds, whites and bold letters stand out across menus telling you all they have to offer. It is a time capsule paying homage to the 1950s diner scene.” It’s a cute place and very nostalgic.

The Smokey Griddle Pancake House

Get a breakfast boost at this top-rated eatery, The Smokey Griddle Pancake House. A charming and locally owned restaurant. Smokey’s serves scrumptious Buckwheat, Pumpkin, and Chocolate Chip pancakes! An online reviewer said: “I have been there twice in three days. Their food is amazing. You get more than your money’s worth. The service and staff are excellent. I look forward to dining with them again.”