Spinnaker Resorts

Spinnaker Resorts Makes Social Responsibility and Employee Health Deciding Factors During Covid-19 Pandemic

Hilton Head Island, SC, 3/26/2020 – After much consideration we closed our resorts on March
20, 2020 through April 16, 2020. This was the hardest decision we have had to make however the
safety of our employees, owners and guests is our focus. With resorts in Ormond Beach, Hilton
Head and Branson – each having different DHEC situations – we made the decision to take action
across all properties and have closed all resorts (1100 villas). We will reassess when we will
reopen on a weekly basis and it will be based on local, state and federal government
recommendations and our own internal analysis.

Being a family owned business, we have strong family values. We recognize the importance of our
employees to the overall strength of our business and weighed all decisions we made with their
safety and wellbeing in mind. Because of the potential severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, we
decided to be socially responsible and take a proactive approach to mitigate any spread of the
virus and reduce the risk to our employees, community, owners and guests.

We know our employee’s lives will be financially, psychologically and possibly physically impacted
by the pandemic, and have therefore strived to take care of them. We have provided additional
paid time off to all employees. Employees were furloughed, not laid off so that they could continue
to take advantage of our company sponsored health benefit plans.

We have a strong commitment to our employees and the community we operate in. Spinnaker
Resorts has been operating for 37 years on Hilton Head Island providing over 20,000 owner and
guest families island vacation experiences every year. Our 6 Hilton Head resorts offer a total of
488 villas. Our goal is to afford the best vacation experience possible for our owners and guests so
we have partnered with many local businesses – many of whom are experts in their field. We
actively work to educate vacationers about the various unique island experiences and the area’s

We strongly believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate and of which we are a
part. We understand how special this island is – that it is a perfect mix of natural beauty, leisure
and culture.

We consider ourselves to be stewards of the environment. Whether it’s providing compostable
products for use or supporting programs for Sea Turtle preservation, we fund environmental
efforts both large and small. Our support of leisure can be seen through our sponsorship of local
sports like The Pro League (Tennis). We also support the Coastal Arts Center – one of the many
organizations that make Hilton Head such a culturally rich vacation destination and place to live.