Event Category: Colonial WIlliamsburg

  • 1781 Yorktown Before the Siege

    Take a step back in time to see what life was like in the British Camp before the arrival of the American and French forces on September 28, 1781.

  • Palace Concert

    The regal Palace of the royal governor comes to life as Colonial Williamsburg’s early music ensemble, the Governor’s Musick, offers an elegant evening of chamber music showcasing 17th- and 18th-century music for harpsichord, voice, flute, and strings.

  • Revolutionary Points of View

    It’s the eve of the American Revolution, and there are just as many opinions about war and independence as we hear about politics and religion today. Step back in time and encounter points of view that run the gamut. Then, engage in the most crucial debate in our nation’s history. Will you decide whether we…

  • Capitol Concert

    In 18th-century Williamsburg, music was the accompaniment to daily living. Unlike Palace Concerts, live music performances after hours at the Colonial Capitol were open to the public. Join our Governor’s Musick Ensemble in the resonant Hall of Burgesses for a special evening of chamber music.

  • Tour: Bassett Trace Nature Trail Walk

    Stroll the Bassett Trace Nature Trail and learn about Virginia’s wildlife and native habitats. Colonial Williamsburg Master Naturalist volunteers will discuss flora and fauna seen along the trail and the importance of conservation.