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3 Reasons You Should Definitely Visit Water Country USA in Williamsburg VA

Here are three reasons why you should definitely visit Water Country USA.

There’s Something for Everyone 

Virginia’s largest water park didn’t earn its reputation for being boring.

With more than 40 state-of-the-art water rides and attractions, Water Country USA is a relaxing resort-style park that has everything you need—refreshing water slides, lazy rivers, shady cabanas, children’s play areas and adrenaline-inducing water coasters.

The latest addition to the park is the Cutback Water Coaster™, the only RocketBLAST® coaster on the East Coast and Virginia’s first hybrid water coaster. This revolutionary water propulsion ride combines a water jet propulsion system with a 4-person saucer so you can glide through more than 850 feet of slide. Expect steep drops, swift turns, and thrilling speeds!

You Can Make a Day of It

Being a parent is hard. After all, there are people to feed, hydrate, dress, pack for, strap in, and lug from here to there.

Water Country USA makes it easy to park yourself and all your stuff in one spot with all-day cabana rentals for groups of six or more. No need to worry about losing your seat to someone else if you leave it unattended or struggling to find a place where everyone can meet up! Cabana packages include a meal and towel for each guest, plus a convenient storage locker. Your private cabana includes a ceiling fan, a round table with chairs, two lounge chairs and two beach chairs. An attendant will be available throughout the day if you need any assistance.

When you stay for the day, your family and friends can get a taste of all the rides and amenities the park has to offer!

Click here to see all of the available cabana packages and other add-ons!

You Deserve It

You deserve an opportunity to focus all of your energy and attention on having fun and being with the ones you love, even if it’s just for a day. As we all know, nothing brings the joy out of our kids like water and fun in the sun. With themed play areas for little ones, kid-friendly water attractions, and rides kids and parents can enjoy together, there’s no better place to park your family for the day.

So take it easy, and relish a day of relaxation with your kids (and inner kid).

Water Country USA officially closes on September 12, so plan your trip now and stay at King’s Creek, which is just a few minutes down the road from Water Country USA!